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The Tropical Critters Show

Your child can be the Star!

Backyard Follies Tropical Critters The Tropical Critters Show is an interactive musical revue for children ages 3 to 8. It is based on a series of children's books that are popular in the Caribbean Islands.

Children sing, dance, and dress up in colorful costumes as they pretend to be delightful critters that live on an imaginary island, Mongoose Junction. There's a brave mongoose, a forgetful pelican, a talented no-see-em, and a worm that learns to share.

Your birthday boy or girl will be the leader of a no-see-em band and will receive a series of Tropical Critters books with a sing-along cassette or CD.

The Tropical Critters Show is available for birthday parties, school functions, and special events.

Backyard Follies Tropical Critters
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